Tuesday, February 08, 2011


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...2-9-'11

  • Pikeville city officials have declared the Chris Ratliff Law Office Building on Main Street unsafe. The building, located next to the construction site for the new hall of justice, is leaning, and no one is being allowed inside. A structural engineer ruled the building should be evacuated.





  •  Don’t let out-of-state investment corporations that purchase counties’ delinquent tax bills sell your property. Take advantage of the Pike County Government’s 60-day amnesty period for delinquent solid waste bills. Those who owe money to Pike County Solid Waste will be given 60 days from the date of publication to pay delinquent bills. Assistant county attorney Roland Case sees a great advantage for people who participate. “If the court must pursue payment of these delinquent bills, a lawsuit will be filed for the total amount of the bill,” Case said. “The benefit to amnesty is late fees and penalties are waived if the bill is paid, but once the lawsuit is filed, the court must pursue the total bill. People need to take advantage of this amnesty program because lawsuits must follow if a bill is not paid or a payment plan put in place.” People or businesses with delinquent bills will be notified by mail. The letter will outline the terms of the amnesty program and will give instructions on how to proceed.

  • The House voted 90-6 on Tuesday to approve an immigration bill that would require all government contractors to verify the citizenship of workers. The Senate is considering a separate immigration bill that would allow local and state police agencies to check the citizenship status of people they stop and detain them if warranted. Hundreds of demonstrators who believe the Senate bill is unfair and unnecessary gathered at the Capitol on Tuesday.

  • The Senate voted 31-5 late Tuesday afternoon to approve a measure in which a long-standing moratorium on nuclear power plants in Kentucky would be lifted. State law prohibits nuclear power plants from being built in Kentucky until the U.S. has a permanent storage facility to contain radioactive waste.

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