Saturday, April 30, 2011


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...5-1-'11

-- Alabama: 249 dead
-- Mississippi: 35 dead
-- Tennessee: 34 dead
-- Georgia: 15 dead
-- Virginia: 5 dead
-- Louisiana: 2 dead
-- Kentucky: 1 dead


EKB Capsule News..West Virginia....5-1-'11

Friday, April 29, 2011


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...4-30-'11


EKB Capsule News...West Virginia...4-30-'11

Thursday, April 28, 2011


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...4-29-'11


EKB Capsule News...West Virginia...4-29-'11

    * Coalfield Housing, Fayette County
      $81,200 to restore 10 homes and make them energy efficient

    * Algoma Apartments, Northfork
      $250,000 to build eight low income apartments

    * Fairmont Southside Home Rehab Program, Fairmont
      $98,483 to restore seven homes

    * The Flats, Wheeling
      $41,370 to convert building into 18 housing units for the homeless

    * The Healing Place, Huntington
      $250,000 to transform Old Lincoln High School into 100 rehab units

    * White Sulphur Springs AHP Project, White Sulphur Springs
      $70,000 to build four new homes with Habitat for Humanity and restore another


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...4-28-'11

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


EKB Capsule News...West Virginia...4-28-'11

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...4-27-'11


EKB Capsule News...West Virginia...4-27-'11

Monday, April 25, 2011


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...4-26-'11


EKB Capsule News...West Virginia...4-26-'11

Sunday, April 24, 2011


EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...4-25-'11

  • Leaders from counties across Eastern Kentucky will have an opportunity to come together during the 24th annual East Kentucky Leadership Conference April 28-29 in Pikeville. Established by the East Kentucky Leadership Foundation, the conference has been instrumental in providing an important forum for discussing educational, economic, environmental and social agendas for the citizens of the region. The two-day conference will be held at both the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center and on the Pikeville College campus. Session highlights include health care issues in the region, the future of coal and other alternative energy sources, “The Pill Pipeline Flowing in the Mountains,” philanthropy for community development, the Pike County Youth Leadership Council’s animal rights advocacy project, Pikeville College’s acknowledgement of university status, topics of interest on women and children, Young Professionals of Eastern Kentucky (YPEK), East Kentucky women in politics, funding early childhood development and a workshop on ARC Flex-E grants. Early bird sessions and an awards banquet featuring Gov. Steve Beshear, keynote speaker, will be held on Thursday, April 28, at the expo. A highlight of the conference, the East Kentucky Leadership Foundation Awards Showcase honors leaders who have made a contribution to the region.

  • A trio of women in northern Kentucky has found a way to help students who need formal wear for end-of-the-year dances. Barbara Waddell, Sheila Lucas and Jeanetta Golden have collected dozens of dress styles and sizes for young ladies and some attire for young men. The items were donated to project Dream to Dance in Brooksville. The dresses and suits are free for students in Bracken County, St. Augustine and Augusta Independent School districts who are attending their school proms or eighth grade dances. Waddell says economic times are hard for everyone and this is a way to help out.

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