Friday, October 03, 2008


Laurel County Man Charged With Murder

Laurel County deputies arrested 37-year old Michael R. McQueen and charged him with the murder of his common-law wife, Christy Hodge.

Authorities say she was shot and killed at their home just north of London after a confrontation between the two.

Neighbors say they had a very violent relationship. Hodge's three children were in school at the time of the shooting.


Felons Among Record-Setting Registered Voters

The deadline for unregistered Kentucky citizens who wish to vote in the November 4th election is 4:30pm Monday..

Already, 1486 convicted felons who have had their voting rights restored by Governor Steve Beshear are among the record-setting total of registered voters in Kentucky.


Chop Shop Operator Pleads Guilty

Marty Keith Hamilton, 50, of Betsy Layne pleaded guilty to owning and operating a chop shop. He admitted to stealing more than 60 vehicles in Pike and Floyd Counties.

He said, while detailing cars for local dealerships, he kept or made duplicate keys for the vehicle and placed stickers with dealership logos on the back of the cars so he could later identify and steal them.

The vehicle were sold in four states. His sentencing date has not been set, but, he faces up to 15 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine. He will also have to pay restitution. He appartently stole vehicles from February, 2001 to August, 2007.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Pike County Health Department To Provide Free Flu Shots At Pike Central

Pike County Health Department Provides Free Flu Clinic

Practice makes perfect. That is the goal of the Pike County Health Department’s Preparedness Program, and that is why the health department is holding a free flu clinic on October 3, 2008 from 10-12 at Pike Central High School. In the event of a public health emergency, like release of anthrax or a pandemic of influenza, it would be the responsibility of the Pike County Health Department to provide medications or vaccinations to the citizens of Pike County. Since 2003, health departments across KY have been provided funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to develop plans for any type of public health emergency, and funding to train staff to respond to them. We have three goals for the Free Flu clinic: The first to practice our emergency response plans, the second to see how many people we can provide treatment to in 1 hour, and the third is provide free flu vaccinations to our community.

Public Health is usually not viewed as a 1st responder like Police, EMT’s, and Fire Fighters, but Public Health has been a silent 1st responder for many years. In 1918 the Spanish flu swept around the world and Public Health was the 1st responders used to provide care and treatment for people suffering from that tragic illness. In 2001 Public Health was one of the lead agencies used to provide care to the victims of the postal anthrax attacks, as well as partner with law enforcement in the forensic investigations. This is the reason the health department staff will be practicing setting up a mobile clinic, and delivering vaccinations on October 3rd. In the event of another flu pandemic we would be required to provide mass flu vaccinations when the vaccine is available. To do this we have set up drive thru or walk thru clinics at all the county high schools. We chose to test our Drive thru plan because we know that it would be more comfortable for our community members. They can have their vehicle at the temperature they like, listen to the music they choose, and wait in the comfort of their vehicle’s seating. All they will need to do is pull up their sleeve.

Because the flu causes 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths annually, we thought this would be the perfect time practice our skills and let our community benefit from it.


Mingo County Students Excel In National Competition

Two classes from the Mingo Career and Technical Center (MCTC) recently teamed up to win a 3rd Place award in a national competition.The graphic design and building construction classes at MCTC teamed up to build a large scale model of the classic Operation board game. The model displayed 21st century skills required to be successful in today’s global economy. MCTC’s version of Operation earned a Bronze medal in the Chapter Display competition.The project began when the student dismantled an actual Operation game to find out how it works. Students studied everything from the graphics on the board to the electronics. The two teams used the skills learned at MCTC to address different aspects of the project. The graphic design team then created new pieces for their project that showcased 21st century skills, as well as modifying the look of the game board to resemble the uniform worn by the SkillsUSA club. The building construction class created a blueprint and built the cabinet of the game, which was functional as well as interactive; the nose of the figure on the cabinet lights up and buzzers sound when the sides of the game are touched. An oral presentation accompanied the display, given by Mariea Vance.
Graphic Design instruction Doug Martin said he was pleased to see students from the two different classes working together.“They were using one of the most important skills to be successful in the 21st century, teamwork,” Martind said. “That is something that is not taught, but is learned by real world experiences.”“It was fun watching the classes team up to produced such an outstanding display,” building construction teacher Brad Justice said.Representing MCTC at the competition were Jonah Coleman and Mariea Vance from graphic design and Aaron Bartoe from building construction.Coleman graduated from Burch High School in June. He is currently attending Columbus College of Art and Design, where received the Presidential Scholarship.Vance is a senior at Tug Valley High School as well as studying graphic design for the second year at MCTC. After graduation, she plans to pursue a graphic design degree.Bartoe, who also graduated from Burch in 2008, is currently attending Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.SkillsUSA, formerly known as VICA, is a national organization for trade, industrial and technical students at vocational career centers. Working against the clock and each other, the participants proved their expertise in job skills for almost every job skill. Every county in the state competes for a chance to qualify for the national competition. The state gold medal winners advance to the National SkillsUSA championships, which were held in Kansas City.While team members were pleased with their 3rd place award in such a prestigious competition, they are still striving to bring home the gold.Mariea Vance gave this prediction: “Next year we will win this contest!”

Courtesy : Julia Goad Staff Writer of The Williamson Daily News.


Mingo County Native Shot And Killed

The son of current Mingo County Board of Education President Butch West was shot and killed by his girlfriend.

Authorities say that the victim, 37 year-old Eric West, showed up at his girlfriend’s Hardin County , Kentucky house unwanted and then allegedly assaulted her.

The girlfriend has not been arrested as she is claiming self defense under the castle doctrine law.

Evidence will be presented to a grand jury.


Indictments In Floyd County Drive-By Shooting

Indictments were handed down for 26-year old Jessie Dulaney of Banner on five counts of attempted murder and illegal possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. Also indicted was Jamie Bailey for allegedly supplying a gun for a ahootout which occurred in Allen in August.

The incident involved four people who were arguing on the front porch of a home when Dulaney and Bailey, allegedly, drove up and started shooting. 30-year old Sally Vance was killed in the gunplay.


Pike County Woman Sentenced

53-year old Patricia Dotson of Pike County was sentenced Wednesday for the November, 2007 death of 67-year old Helen Smith.

Dotson pleaded guilty to DUI and reckless homicide, and, aplogized in open court to the Smith family, saying she has a life sentence of suffering over what she did. The Smith family said they forgave her.

Investigators say Dotson had Hydrocodone in her system when she crossed the center line of the highway, hitting the Smith vehicle. Smith died later at the UK Hospital in Lexington.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


No Arrests In Attempted Bank Robbery.

Mingo County Sherriff Lonnie Hannah told us that no arrests have been made in an attempted bank robbery early Tuesday morning. Hannah says that they are working on a few leads.

A man walked into the Matewan Branch of the Bank of Mingo carrying a gun and wearing a ski mask. The male suspect fled without any money because employees couldn't get the safe open.

Anyone with any information contact the Mingo County Sheriffs Department at 304-235-0300


Kentucky Atty General Files Lawsuit

Attorney General Jack Conway today filed suit in Franklin Circuit Court against the Kentucky Department of Corrections to block the agency from continuing to release prisoners, some of whom are dangerous felons, pursuant to its early release program. General Conway is also seeking an injunction to prevent the Department of Corrections from retroactively granting “street time” credit to parolees so that they are released early from parole supervision.

“Murderers, rapists and sex offenders have been released early and will continue to be released pursuant to Corrections’ illegal retroactive application of House Bill 406. This is not only a public safety issue, it undermines the Truth in Sentencing Law and is unconstitutional,” General Conway said. “When juries recommended sentences for these criminals, they had no idea the sentence imposed would be reduced years later.” There is no provision in House Bill 406 that states that the Probation and Parole Credit can be applied retroactively. All parties to these criminal proceedings relied on the law as it existed at the time.

By August, the Department of Corrections had released 1,004 prisoners from the state correctional system and discharged 1,237 from parole. There was no distinction made between violent and non-violent offenders who were released.

“We are not insensitive to budgetary issues; however, I have grave concerns that some of these individuals will commit new crimes, victimizing and endangering the public,” said General Conway. Also of concern is Corrections’ plan to release another 1,500 prisoners prior to the end of the budget cycle.

An injunction is currently in place in Pulaski, Lincoln and Rockcastle counties blocking the early release of prisoners in those counties based on a lawsuit filed by Commonwealth’s Attorney Eddy Montgomery. With the filing of this action, the Attorney General requests the Court issue a statewide injunction against Corrections to prevent it from continuing its early release policy.


Kentucky Fall Foilage Report.

Eastern Kentucky
At Carter Caves State Resort Park, near Olive Hill, you will see color change in the tulip poplars, sumacs, blackgums, poison ivy, magnolias and maples. Very few of the oak trees have started changing color, leaving mostly green in the forest canopy. Unfortunately, many of the leaves are turning brown and falling due to the drought conditions in Eastern Kentucky. Color change is holding at 20 percent.
Plan ahead for for the Haunted Trail scheduled for October 10-11 and
17-18. The ghouls and goblins have risen from the underground world at
Carter Caves to scare you silly on these two weekends! Come and take the walk through the 1/2 mile haunted trail, if you dare! Trail admission is $7.00 per person. This activity is not reccommended for young children. Transportation to and from the trailhead will be provided by the park. Ticket sales are held on each night of the event from 7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the Carter Caves public pool.
At Jenny Wiley State Resort Park near Prestonsburg, fall is looking beautiful. Enjoy the colors showing in the sour woods, poplar, sycamore, red maple, red bud, dogwoods and spice bush. Peak color for this area appears to be the second to third week of October.
Don’t forget to make your reservations for the elk viewing tours. Bull elk are bugling throughout the hills and with over 100 elk being sited on each tour, this is a great time for viewing. Buffalo Night is October 18, so please make plans to enjoy this delicious buffet at the lodge.
At Natural Bridge State Resort Park near Slade, trees, shrubs and vines are showing approximately 20 percent color change. The best color is on the ridge tops where many of the sourwood, red maple and blackgum trees have turned varying shades of red. While some leaves are turning brown and dropping early due to the current drought conditions, you will see an increasing amount of yellow leaves on slippery elm, walnut, redbud, pawpaw and spice bush. Most dogwoods and sumacs are turning deep red.
Typically, the peak of fall color at Natural Bridge is during the last two weeks of October.
At Pine Mountain State Resort Park, near Pineville, conditions continue to be favorable for good development of fall color displays as southeast Kentucky enjoys seasonably cool evening temperatures. Rapid-paced color change is underway with the brightest reds at this time found among the sweet gum, sumac, dogwood and sourwood. Some red-orange is found in the occasional sassafras and poplar. Overall, the color change is at 15 to 20 percent.
Autumn has started to show at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park near Corbin. Presently there is color showing in the dogwoods, black gums and maples. If the dry weather continues, peak color should be mid October.
North Central Kentucky
At Big Bone Lick State Park, near Union, the first trees showing signs of change are the sweet gums. Over the next couple of weeks the leaves will transform to bright fiery red colors that make the gums absolutely splendid. In the coming week, the sycamores are expected to start to shift from green to various shades of yellow. The best and brightest color change so far this fall has occurred in the Virginia creeper, which has turned a bright red. The creeper can be spotted growing on the sides of large trees.
Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest near Clermont is beginning to show signs of fall color although most leaves are still green. Black gum and sugar maple are displaying showy, bright red leaves while tulip poplar, sycamore and pawpaw trees are changing to butter yellow and brown leaves. Hot and dry conditions and cool evenings have encouraged some early leaf fall but a glance into the woods suggests bolder colors are coming soon. Red, orange and yellow ornamental fruit persist on many of the crabapples. Some flowering dogwoods are in full fruit while others have faint red leaves. A splash of yellow can be found in the Big Prairie where goldenrods and sunflowers prevail. ColorFest, Bernheim’s fall festival is October 18-19, and at that time nature’s vivid colors may be at their peak. Come out to Bernheim for family fun, entertainment, great food and hands-on explorations.
South Central Kentucky
At the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park area, near Jamestown, there is about 25 to 30 percent change. Here you will see some yellows and browns in the tulip, maple, beech, walnut and paw paws. Some red and browns can be spotted in the dogwood, maple and sumac. Cooler evening temperatures predicted this coming weekend should promote more leaf color change.
Plan now for Camperama Weekend October 10–12. Enjoy pleasant temperatures of October with a host of activities which include youth archery, pinewood derby, nature hike, miniature golf tournament, live reptile show and more. It's a camper's special; camp two nights for the price of one! Register for campsites online at or call 888-459-7275.
Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park near Burkesville has experienced about a 10 percent color change. Sycamores and tulip poplars have a few vibrant yellow leaves. The sourwoods have already changed to a diluted bright red color. Blackgums are very evident along the roadsides since they are changing to a deep bold red against a back-drop of green.
Maples have finally begun to cast a hint of orange. While hiking, remember "Leaves of three, let it be!" which refers to poison ivy which now has casts of red leaves on the vines.
This weekend, Oct 3-4, don’t miss the 13th Annual Horseman’s Reunion.
Bring your horse and join other riders along 15 miles of trails. For a spooky good time, when leaves will be at their peak color, attend the Haunted Hollow Hotel (October 25) where you can hear the sounds of Elvis, trick-or-treat, ride on a haunted hayride and enjoy other spooky activities. For more information on the changing colors or special events call 800-325-2282.
Fall colors are progressing quickly at Mammoth Cave National Park in Mammoth Cave, where the forest will reach about 20 percent change this week. You can check the current colors anytime on the park's webcam at
<> .
Plan now to join the Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park as they host a benefit ‘Walk in the Park’ on October 11. This event encourages people to use the park for recreation, and to help take care of it by volunteering. For more information, contact Brian Dale at 270-773-3131.
Western Kentucky
John James Audubon State Park in Henderson has experienced the kind of beautiful warm days and cool nights that set the stage for vibrant fall colors. At this time though, the old-growth woods are still alive with many shades of green, but hints of yellow, red and pink are beginning to emerge.
One of Kentucky’s oldest and largest craft festivals, the 36th Annual Green River Area Development District Arts and Crafts Festival, is back at Audubon Park this weekend, October 4 and 5. Also showing is an exquisite art exhibit, Audubon’s River, by Devere Burt and Mary Holt.
This can be viewed in the Audubon Museum gallery each day from 10 a.m.
to 5 p.m.
The leaves at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park and Pennyrile State Forest near Dawson Springs are about 25 percent change which means that there is faint color being seen in the forest. Although much of the forest remains green, maples, elms, sycamores, tulip poplars, and walnuts have begun to show off their yellows. Of the red color that can be seen in the forest, much is coming from black gums (always one of the first trees to change) and sassafras. Two vines are also showing off some beautiful shades of reds - poison ivy and Virginia creeper. Devil’s walking stick and dogwood are two other small trees that are beginning to change colors in this area.
Register now for Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park's digital Fall Photography Weekend, October 17-19. Besides abundant natural beauty, the weekend consists of a photo contest with point and shoot, intermediate, and masters divisions, evening programs, critique and award ceremony.
Bring your own camera. Registration is $30 but register by October 11 and receive a $5 discount. Children ages 16 and under may participate for a fee of $10. Participants can receive a 10 percent discount on lodging available. Contact prk Naturalist, Rebecca Clark, at
800-325-1711 or email her at for more information.
Drier weather is bringing fall a little sooner to Land Between the Lakes located between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. Along the northern trace roadsides, you will see multitudes of blazing stars, mistflowers, and goldenrods in full bloom. Look closely and you will notice fritillary butterflies, monarchs and skippers trying to extract the last bits of nectar for the year. Red is in season. Driving the trace, the roads around the Nature Station or hiking Honker Trail, you will notice winged sumac, sweet gums, poison ivy, sassafras and dogwoods. Yellow is nudging in with paw paws and black walnuts changing to vivid yellows.
Check out the diverse colors found in the Elk and Bison Prairie as the grasses turn shades of golden brown and yellow with tinges of blues from the bluestems and Indian grasses.
Ballard Wildlife Management Area near La Center is only showing some change of color in the sweet gum. Just a reminder that Ballard closes to the public at noon on October 15, so plan to visit within the next two weeks.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Mingo County Bank Robbed At Gunpoint.

No one was injured Tuesday when a man wearing a ski mask walked in with a gun and demanded money. The incident happened at the Bank of Mingo located at Matewan.

The suspect didn't get any money as workers couldn't get the safe open.

Authorities say that the man was driving a gray SUV.


Home Utility Discount Program Applications To Be Mailed To Eligible Residents In October.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Joe Manchin today announced that applications for the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources’ Utility Discount Program will be mailed to eligible households beginning in early October.
This seasonal program offers a 20-percent discount to eligible individuals and households to reduce their home heating costs.
To be eligible for the program, individuals must be a recipient of one of the following programs during any of the months between November 2008 and March 2009:
• Supplemental Security Income (SSI, over 18 years old)• WV WORKS• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, AND be 60 years of age or older.
The utility company that is accountable for home heating is responsible for determining each individual’s or household’s eligibility for the reduced-rate program.
For more information, please contact your local Department of Health and Human Resources office.


Pike County Man Accused Of Trafficking Oxycontin.

Pike County District Court Judge Daryll Mullins told us that he set a bond of $ 10,000 full cash for Leonard McCrary Jr of Mouthcard.

The Mouthcard resident is accused of two counts of trafficking Oxycontin.


Former Office Manager Of Pike County Doctor Found Guilty Of Taking Office Funds.

It only took a Pike County jury only 35 minutes to find the former office manager of a Pike County doctor guilty of illegally obtaining funds.

A jury recommended a maximum of five years in prison for Anna Prater. She worked for Dr. Lavender for two years.

Coomonwealth Attorney Rick Bartley says that Prater took about $ 75,000 in office funds from Lavender.

Judge Eddy Coleman revoked Prater's bond.

She will be formally sentenced on November 7th.


67,000 Kentucky Residents Have Not Filed For Stimulus Check

The Oct. 15 deadline to file a 2007 income tax return and to receive an economic stimulus payment this year is fast approaching.
In Kentucky, the IRS has identified 67,198 recipients of Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefits who appear to qualify for a stimulus payment but still have not filed for one. They must file a tax return by Oct. 15 to get a payment this year.
Oct. 15 is also the deadline for the approximately 91,000 Kentucky residents who earlier this year received extensions to file their 2007 income tax return. The IRS E-file and Free File programs are still available to file returns for 2007 but only through Oct. 15.
"Don’t let this money pass you by," said IRS spokesperson Jodie Reynolds. "If you need help filing for a payment or know someone who does, contact the IRS for assistance."
Taxpayers may visit or call the IRS toll-free at 1-800-829-1040 to get instructions about how to file for a payment or to find the location of the nearest IRS office or stimulus payment help site. The IRS has partnered with numerous organizations that are conducting outreach efforts to older Americans and veterans.
People must file a tax return in order to receive an economic stimulus payment even if they normally are not required to file a return.
For people who have no tax liability and who have no requirement to file a tax return because their income is too low or nontaxable there is a stimulus payment of up to $300 ($600 for married couples) plus the $300 payment for each qualifying child. However, people in this situation must have at least $3,000 in qualifying income from earned income, nontaxable combat pay as well as certain benefits from Social Security, Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement.
Qualifying income from Social Security includes retirement, disability and survivor benefits. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not a qualifying income. Qualifying income from Veterans Affairs includes disability compensation, disability pension and survivor benefits. Qualifying Railroad Retirement Board benefits include the social security equivalent portion of Tier I benefits.
People must have a valid Social Security Number unless their spouse is a member of the military. Also, those who are dependents or eligible to be dependents on another’s tax return are not eligible.
For eligible individuals who normally file tax returns, the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 provided for stimulus payments of up to $600 ($1,200 for married couples) or the amount of the taxpayer’s 2007 net income tax liability, whichever is less. There also is a $300 payment for each qualifying child.
There is an income phase-out, starting at adjusted gross income amounts of $75,000 for single taxpayers and $150,000 for married taxpayers.
By law, the IRS cannot disperse any economic stimulus payments after Dec. 31. However, people who may be eligible for an economic stimulus payment can claim a credit in 2009 by filing a 2008 income tax return.
As of Aug. 29, the IRS has issued $93 billion in economic stimulus payments to 114.8 million individuals and families.
Those who already have filed a 2007 tax return but who have not yet received an economic stimulus payment, can check on the status of your payment by going to <,,id=181665,00.html> "Where’s My Economic Stimulus Payment?" on the Web site.
People also can call 1-866-234-2942 and, after selecting English or Spanish language, should press 2 to check on the status of the stimulus payment. People will need their Social Security Number (the one listed first on the 2007 return), filing status (single, married, etc) and the number of exemptions claimed on the return.


Unemployment Rates Drop In Eastern Kentucky.

Workforce Kentucky is reporting that unemployment rates across the commonwealth rose in 113 counties for the month of August. However the counties in our listening area bucked that trend.

Pike County reported a rate of 6.0 percent that is a decline of six - tenths of a percentage point.

Floyd County dropped five-tenths to 6.9 percent.

Martin at 7.8 percent a decline of eight-tenths.

Letcher at 7.1 percent a drop of half apercentage point.

Johnson at 6.6 percent a decline of four-tenths of a percentage point.

Magoffin County has the second highest unemployment rate at 10.7 percent , however that is a seven-tenths of a percentage point.

Monday, September 29, 2008


16 Die On Kentucky Roadways.

Preliminary statistics* indicate that sixteen people died in fourteen separate crashes on Kentucky roadways from Monday, September 22 through Sunday, September 28, 2008. Fourteen of the fatalities involved motor vehicles and thirteen of those victims were not wearing seat belts. Motor vehicle crashes occurred in Boyle, Floyd, Hardin, Larue, Leslie, Madison, Marion, Taylor and Warren (2) counties. Two double fatality crashes occurred in Pike and Trigg counties. Alcohol was suspected as a contributing factor in five of the crashes.

Two motorcycle fatalities occurred in Carlisle and Madison counties. Both victims were wearing helmets.

Through September 28, preliminary statistics* indicate that 567 people have lost their lives on Kentucky roadways during 2008. This is 79 fewer than reported for this time period in 2007. Of the 426 motor vehicle fatalities, 267 victims were not wearing seat belts. Of the 74 motorcycle fatalities, 44 were not wearing helmets. Nineteen people have been killed in ATV crashes and 18 of those were not wearing helmets. Forty-four pedestrians have been killed. A total of one-hundred and fifteen fatalities have resulted from crashes involving the suspected use of alcohol.


Fatal Floyd County Shooting.

A Floyd County man is dead after police say that he was allegedly shot in the head by his brother.

The victim has been identified as 43 year-old David Tuttle of Doty Road.

His brother Terry Tuttle of McDowell remains incarcerated in the Floyd County Detention Center.

The incident happened Saturday evening on Left Beaver Creek Road.


Small Business Town Hall Forum To Be Held In Pikeville.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development is partnering with several organizations to offer a dynamic Small Business Connections Town Hall Forum in Pikeville on Thursday, October 16.
The free conference will provide an opportunity to learn about federal, state, and local resource organizations that provide financing, marketing, and other services to help small businesses grow. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of local entrepreneurs that currently operate small businesses.
The small business conference will be held in the Pike County Public Library located at 119 College Street in Pikeville. The forum will run from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET, and will include a free lunch sponsored by Community Trust Bank.
“Local entrepreneurs shouldn’t miss this chance to learn about a wealth of small business resources available to them,” said John Cole, director of the Economic Development Cabinet’s Small Business Services Division. “Whether you’re currently in business, or thinking about starting a business, this forum is a perfect opportunity to gain additional information about programs that can help you in today’s tough business environment.”
The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development will present information on services provided by the Small & Minority Business Branch, the Procurement Assistance Program, the International Trade Division, and the Commission on Small Business Advocacy. Other organizations providing information on their programs include the Morehead State University (MSU) Small Business Development Center, the MSU Innovation Center, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED), Pike County SCORE, and Capital Access Corporation. Attendees can register for this free forum online at, or call the MSU Small Business Development Center in Pikeville at (606) 432-5848.
The Pikeville Small Business Connections Town Hall Forum is a joint effort of Community Trust Bank, the Morehead State University Small Business Development Center, the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, Pike County SCORE, and the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.


Pike County Resident Winner Of Toyota Camry.

Gary Stiltner of Ashcamp was the winner of the 2009 Toyota Camry that the Kentucky Blood Center was giving away to celebrate its 40 year anniversary.

From July 21st through September 21st anyone that donated blood was entered into the drawing.

Stiltner says that he began donating platelets two years ago after his mother in law died from cancer.


Three Pike County Men Plead Guilty

Three Pike County men pleaded guilty Monday in Pike County Circuit Court.

42 year-old Allen Younce , 26 year-old Josh Boldin both of Virgie and 40 year-old George Younce of Robinson Creek admitted that they stole transformers from a mining site.

The trio will be sentenced in six weeks. They face one to five years of prison time.


Former Office Manager Of Pike County Doctor On Trial.

The trial of a Pike County woman continues today in Pike County Circuit Court.

Anna Prater is on trial on one count of theft by deception.

Prater is accused of taking an unspecified amount of cash from the office account of Pike County physician, Dr. Lavender, in which she was his office manager at the time.

If convicted Prater could face up to five years in prison.


Eleven County PVA's Accused Of Nepotism

Following an investigation, which began almost a year ago, Kentucky's Executive Branch Ethics Commission has charged eleven Property Valuation Administrators with ethics violations.

They're accused of hiring or promoting family members. Those accused are:

Ron Winters...Oldham County
Renee True...Fayette County
Joyce Parker...Laurel County
Roger Tomes...Grayson County
James Wooten...Leslie County
Philip Mobley...Clay County
Bradford Bailey...Barren County
Julie Shields...Taylor County
Felicia Wooten...Harlan County
Vicky Reynolds...Hart County
Betty Atkinson...Powell County

Up to a $5,000 fine can be issued if anyone is found guilty of a violation.


Phelps Man Accused Of Shooting

Kenis D. Scott, 42, of Phelps, entered a "not guilty" pleas Friday before Pike District Judge Kelsey Friend, Jr..

Scott was charged with first-degree assault of Donnie Stiltner. The September 19 incident resulted in Stiltner being shot in the leg.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Logan County Man Jailed After Axe Handle Incident.

A Logan County man is in custody after he is accused of striking another man in the head with an axe handle. Twenty - nine year-old Donald Gary Workman of Verdunville has been charged with malicious wounding.


Two People Now In Custody.

City of Williamson Police Officer Bert Gibson told us that two of the three people accused of breaking into the C&V Club are now in custody. Chattaroy resident Cathy Altice was arrested late last week her husband Billy is still on the run. Carl David Sammons was arrested this past weekend in Pikeville.

The alleged crime occurred early Wednesday morning. The trio allegedly stole a safe and two envelopes of money. They then dumped the safe, which still had over $9,000 in it, off the Nolan Toll Bridge. The safe was recovered by the Sheriff's Department Dive Team.

Sammons faces additional charges. Police say Sammons used $1,000 of the money to pay restituion to Norfolk/ Southern for a past copper theft.


Belcher Man Pleads Guilty.

Ben Owens, 79, of Belcher pleaded guilty to four counts of 1st degree sex abuse. The crimes happened between 1979 and 1991. Two victims that are now adults came forward.

Under a plea agreement Owens will be on probation for five years, must register as a sex offender, undergo counseling and will not be allowed to have unsupervised visitation with anyone under the age of 14.

Owens will be formally sentenced in December.


Fishtrap Turning 40

Celebrating 40 years, Fishtrap Lake and Dam turns 40 in late October. An anniversary celebration has been planned for Sat, Oct 11 at 3:30 p.m. Former Kentucky Governor Paul Patton , Congressman Hal Rogers, County Judge Executive Wayne T. Rutherford, the all county band and JROTC will be in attendence.

Fishtrap Lake covers over 1,110 acres. The dam is 195 feet high


Oct 5-11 Proclaimed Fire Prevention Week.

Pike County Judge/Executive Wayne T. Rutherford proclaimed October 5-11, 2008 Fire Prevention Week.

“Every year, Pike County property owners suffer irreplaceable losses in timber from forest fires. With the drought conditions that are plaguing the county this year especially, it is imperative that everyone does their part to stop the spread of these destructive and volatile infernos,” said Judge Rutherford.

The Judge said he would also like to remind citizens that Pike County is still under a no burn ban, due to the extremely dry conditions and high potential for forest fires.

According to the Division of Forestry, local forest products industries depend on healthy and plentiful supplies of timber, and forest fires cause extreme dollar losses to timber values. In turn, forest fires cause losses to the local economy in the manufacturing of damaged timber resources.

Once a tree is damaged by fire, it loses 60 to 75 percent of its previous value and 15 percent of its volume to decay from disease and insects gaining entry through fire wounds. Once a tree is infected through a fire scar it never recovers—gradually losing its value through the remainder of the lifetime of the tree.

Please take time during Fire Prevention Week, October 5-11 to recognize the significance, importance and beauty of Pike County’s timber resources.


Kentucky Unemployment Rate Continues To Rise.

Kentucky's unemployment rate for the month of August rose to 6.8 percent.

Within the past year the commonwealth has lost 7,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector and 1,900 in the professional and business sector.


More Pike County Schools Going Green.

More Pike County Schools are going green. Pikeville Elementary, Pikeville High, Pike Central, Shelby Valley, and East Ridge have come together to participate in a recycling program.

PRIDE has provided $10,000 in funding . CAM has purchased a recycling bin for each school and East Kentucky Chemical and Supply has donated a baler to the Pike County Recycling Center.

Last year Pike Central recycled items.

In August Southside, Bevins, Runyon, Blackberry and Belfry Middle began a similar recycling program.


Former NFL Player To Speak At Pikeville College.

The community is invited to join Pikeville College for a special chapel service featuring inspirational speaker Shawn Harper on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 11 a.m. in Booth Auditorium, Record Memorial Building.
A featured speaker in the Greater Mountain Crusade for Christ event, Harper is regarded as one of the top up-and-coming inspirational speakers in the country. A former college and seven-year professional football player, Harper uses wit, humor, feats of strength, and his NFL experiences to draw and captivate his audience before delivering an earth-shaking message of motivation, encouragement, and hope.
“You’re not born winners or losers; you’re born choosers,” says Harper.
Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Harper faced insurmountable odds, including learning disabilities, poverty, speech challenges and having the lowest GPA in his senior class. He rose from an average football player to graduating from college and winning several national achievement awards. Harper played seven years in the NFL, blocking for two Heisman trophy candidates and two all-pro running backs. Shawn is currently CEO of American Services and Protection in Columbus.
For more information, contact the Pikeville College Public Affairs office at (606) 218-5270.


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