Thursday, April 16, 2009


Murder Trial Continues For Williamson Man

Trial continued Thursday (today) for Charles Blevins of Williamson as West Virginia State Trooper John Pardee took the stand. During a tape recorded statement to the West Virginia State Police, The Cabell County jury heard Blevins admit to shooting Travis Huff in self defense in February 2007. Blevins alleged he was attempting to stop Huff from going into a trailer to get a gun or his friend to help in a fight. Blevins claims,after a night of drinking in Barboursville, he passed out in Donnie Evans' car,and he awoke at a trailer park just off East Pea Ridge Road. He says that's when his drugs and money were gone from his pocket, the fight began, and he shot Huff in the back.


Man Pleads Guilty As Ringleader Of Pills Sold In Pike And Floyd Counties

Forty six year old Timothy Wayne Hall of Floyd County has pleaded guilty in federal court in London to heading a drug ring responsible for bringing in 200,000 pain pills from other states to be sold and abused in eastern Kentucky. Hall admitted to operating a continuing criminal enterprise from 2001 to the summer of 2007, while arranging for people to supply drugs to be sold in Floyd and Pike counties. Police say the drug ring was once thought to be the biggest illicit distributor of OxyContin and methadone in eastern Kentucky.


Magoffin County Officials Put Down Abused Animals

Magoffin County animal control officials say they were forced to put down dozens of animals after they were found kept in deplorable conditions at a home on Branch Mill Road near Salyersville. Officials say the home was covered with feces,and a dead puppy was found on top of a cage. Fifty three dogs were taken to the Lawrence County Humane Shelter, seven of which could be saved. Manda Fletcher will face 46 counts of animal cruelty.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Operation Pill Crusher Nets Twenty Four Mount Sterling Arrests

In a year long sting dubbed Operation Pill Crusher, Mount Sterling police say, as of Tuesday, they arrested twenty four alleged drug dealers within a week. They're accused of obtaining prescription drugs in Florida and returning them to Kentucky to sell. Police say there are cars, vans and airplane loads of people traveling to Florida because the state does not electronically monitor the number of narcotic prescriptions obtained from Florida physicians. Mount Sterling police say the problem is occurring all across Kentucky, and other law enforcement and officials agree. They say the Florida to Kentucky drug pipeline is increasing.


Tea Party Boils Over In Louisville

While some may think the federal stimulus package came wrapped in bows, it has others fuming. Tea party protestors gathered across the nation Wednesday (today) while some gathered in Louisville. They were there to protest government spending, including the federal stimulus package, recent corporate bailouts and recent increases in the state's taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. While the tea party boiled over in Louisville, thousands showed up to brave the weather.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


High Speed Chase Results In Arrest

Roger Wallace of Ironton, Ohio was arrested Monday night in Ashland, Ky. after he lead police on a high speed chase. Ironton police were attempting to stop him on an arrest warrant when he took off, crossing the Ohio River driving the wrong way across the 13th. Street Bridge. Moments later, his vehicle struck an Ashland police cruiser. In the 1500 block of Lexington Avenue, Wallace jumped out of his vehicle and fled on foot while his car hit a parked vehicle. He was arrested after a brief search.


Lawyer Seeks More Time In Eastern Kentucky Murder Trial

Robert Drown has been found competent to stand trial for the 2007 deaths of 31 year old Jennifer Ison and her two daughters, 10 year old Shannah and 3 year old Marissa, who were killed in Carter County. A May 5th. trial date has been set to take place in Johnson County, but Monday, during a status hearing, Drown's attorney asked once again for more time while his defense team awaits results of DNA testing and to hear from an arson expert. The judge says the court date will be reserved in case both sides are ready to proceed as scheduled. Prosecutors plan to call more than 100 witnesses.


Kentucky Lt. Governor To Speak With Florida General Assembly

Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo is planning a trip to speak to the Florida General Assembly in an effort to sway them to pass a bill regarding a narcotic tracking system. Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would track prescription sales, several of which Mongiardo says ends up in Kentucky. Many Kentucky pharmacists are refusing to fill the prescriptions and are notifying police.


Vibes Shaking Ground In Search Of Eastern Kentucky Gas And Oil

As part of a selsmic survey project to search for American energy independence, hugh trucks called Unive Vibratyors (Vibes for short) are shaking the ground as they inch their way down U.S. 23 in Boyd and Lawrence counties this week. A geophysical mapping company out of Texas is searching for possible places where natural gas or oil might be found. Vibes plates drop to the earth and, like sonar, feel up to 20,000 feet out and down. In addition to the 37 miles being surveyed this week, Vibes have covered 450 miles in eastern Kentucky hills and hollows and 300 miles in West Virginia.


Post Offices Won't Remain Open Late For Tax Filers

For late filers, we want to remind you on Wednesday April 15th., the final day to file your federal and state income taxes, the convenience of post offices remaining open late will not be available this year. The U.S. Postal Service says it is struggling financially while officials attempt to cut costs everywhere they can. Post offices will operate during normal business hours. The Postal Service also says, while many file online, it would not be profitable to remain open late.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Construction To Improve Highway Into Letcher County

In a step to improve U.S.119 into Letcher County, construction crews are working on a section of road that starts 1.3 miles east of the Harlan County line. Officials say, while the area is less than a mile, it is one step of many to create a good route over Pine Mountain into the Whitesburg area. Kay and Kay Contracting of London began the work on March 17th. and has a little over 400 working days to complete the job. Officials say from the Letcher County line to the foot of Pine Mountain is some of the most treacherous highway in the state.


New Jobs At Boyd County Calgon Plant

The Calgon Plant located in Catlettsburg has, for a half century, produced carbon for products from military gas masks to food and water treatment. Plant administrators say the company is restarting a long idled product line, adding 36 new jobs, 20 of which will involve a new carbon market to remove mercury from coal-fired power plants. Calgon, which opened in 1960 and peaked with 320 workers in the late 1980s, will soon employ more than 160 workers.


Kentucky Announces Plans To Build 2,000 Job Plant

Governor Beshear announced Monday (today) the National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries is planning to build an approximately $600 million facility in Hardin County that will employ 2,000 workers and build lithium ion batteries for vehicles. Officials say, in about a year, they could begin building high-tech batteries. National Alliance has chosen a 1,551 acre site near Glendale in Hardin County. Kentucky was selected over seven other states.


Kentucky Lottery Celebrates Anniversary

This month marks the 20th. anniversary of the Kentucky Lottery, which officials say has returned almost $3 billion to the state, most of it going to college scholarships. It has surpassed $11.3 billion in sales since then- Governor Wallace Wilkinson purchased the first ticket in April 1989. Lottery officials say sales set a record $778 million in fiscal year 2007-2008, and they expect sales to reach a new high of at least $808 million this fiscal year.

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