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EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...2-7-'11

Letter To The Editor....
Office of Pike County Judge/Executive
Wayne T. Rutherford                                                                                   Pike County Courthouse
                                                                                                                                       146 Main St.
                                                                                                                          Pikeville, Ky. 41501                                                                                                                         Office: (606) 432-6247
              Fax: (606) 432-6242
God’s most valuable people are the working class and those on fixed incomes. No one living in America today should be forced to make the difficult decision of whether to eat, buy their medication or keep from freezing to death. How sad it is to look at the people in Kentucky who can’t afford to pay their power bills.
I predicted this would happen when the Kentucky Public Service Commission granted AEP/Kentucky Power a 17 percent rate increase. The cause of that is simple: greed, poor management and political control. Kentuckians need to make this the main issue in the 2011 governor’s race. Our rate payers must have relief NOW. The Kentucky General Assembly is in session, they must take up this issue NOW. Pike County borders some counties in Virginia and their legislature made it possible for their rate payers to get a 20 percent discount. West Virginia also borders Pike County and its public service commission gave residential customers a 2.5 percent reduction. I realize our legislators know what I know; they are getting the same calls and complaints and even their bills have doubled.  The solution: utility restructuring. Kentucky must go to an electric bill assistance program. A tier-based system based on gross income. This program can create a rate reduction anywhere from 5 percent to 70 percent. Many states have this “lifeline” system in place.  I understand the cost is offset in most states by an average of $1.50 per month assessed on all rate payers.
There are also other options our legislature can consider while in session. One is to ELECT the Kentucky Public Service Commission. The Kentucky Government belongs to the people. The legislature can give our public service commission back to us: “Vote ‘em in” and “Vote ‘em out.”  I called for an investigation by the Kentucky General Assembly when AEP/Kentucky Power installed digital or “smart” meters. Every customer’s power bill went up and every rate payer’s bill spiked. Many states have investigations under way such as Texas, California, Connecticut and Maryland to name a few. Kentucky’s working class and those on set incomes must have relief NOW!  We all need to pray. I ask for prayers for these people who are the salt of the earth. Pray that our legislators will have the wisdom to understand this hardship and take action.

Please. Please.
Wayne T. Rutherford
Pike County Judge-Executive

  • Authorities have recovered the body of the driver of a tractor-trailer that crashed into an eastern Kentucky creek this week. Bath County Coroner Robert Powell identified the man as 56-year-old Michael Dean Hall of Staunton, Va. Powell says Hall's body was found Thursday evening in the creek about 100 yards from where the truck went into the water. Police say Hall was on his way to Detroit with a load of automotive parts. The wreck happened Wednesday morning on Interstate 64, and the truck landed in Slate Creek 50 feet below. An autopsy was being performed in Frankfort. 

  • A Kentucky businessman has been sentenced to prison for claiming lavish vacations, home renovations, massages and rent for his girlfriend's residence as deductions on his federal taxes. John Lee VanArsdale was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Lexington to 27 months in prison for his conviction in October for filing false income tax returns. Prosecutors said the 46-year-old VanArsdale wrongfully deducted more than $270,000 of personal expenses from his tax returns from 2002 through 2005. Prosecutors said he treated those expenses as legitimate business expenses for his company, which serviced machinery at auto assembly plants, including the Toyota factory at Georgetown.  

  • Irene and David Morris decided to take out a $1.3 million loan last summer and buy the Atlantic India Rubber Co. in Johnson County. The Morrises spent a decade as manager and executive of the factory that produces rubber parts used on Harley Davidson motorcycles, Arctic Cat snowmobiles and Boeing jets. They said they wanted to make sure those parts continued to be made in the United States.  Kentucky Economic Development Commissioner Erik Dunnigan says the Morrises are part of a trend. He says that 84% of job growth and investment growth in 2010 came from existing local businesses.

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