Monday, January 24, 2011


State Inspectors Find Letcher County Rest Home Out-Of-Compliance

State inspectors visited the Golden Years Rest Home in Jenkins in Letcher County on December 8, 2010, finding a number of issues ranging from improper medication storage to filthy bathrooms. The inspector noted medications were not stored properly, while cans of ant and roach spray were stored in the same cabinet with resident medications, other medications that require regulation were stored in a broken box that was corroded with rust, and  some medications found in a refrigerator were shown to be expired. One expired in 2008. In the bathroom, they found one commode soiled with feces and one urinal soiled with urine, both left unflushed and dirty. The shower and shower curtain were dirty and stained with a black and green substance. State Inspector General Mary Begley says officials at the home will have to come into compliance with their regulations.

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