Monday, January 24, 2011


Citizen Defense League Wants Gun Carry Laws Changed

The West Virginia Citizen Defense League, a pro-gun lobbying group, filed lawsuits Monday in federal court in Charleston and Martinsburg challenging a range of city ordinances in an effort to overturn city gun control laws in Charleston, South Charleston and Dunbar. WVCDL General Counsel Jim Mullins says carry restrictions forbid firearms in a number of city properties including courthouses, city hall, and the Charleston Civic Center, restricting the conduct of law abiding citizens, but at the same time not offering any protection from criminal activity. Mullins says, if somebody is intent on committing a crime those ordinances are zero deterrent, ut they are plenty deterrent to average, ordinary, law-abiding citizens. The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs fear they'll be arrested for violating the various city laws. They want a court order permanently barring the cities from enforcing their gun ordinances and legal fees, among other things. The complaint alleges 40 different counts on which each of those ordinances violates various provisions of the U.S. Constitution, the state Constitution, federal laws, and state law.

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