Thursday, December 30, 2010


Union Accepts WVU Hospitals Contract

Local 814 of the AFL-CIO Union members voted 414-190 to accept a new contract with West Virginia University Hospitals Thursday, averting a strike set for Friday. The new contract provides raises, smaller increases in health insurance premiums and better workplace policies. In an earlier offer, half of employees’ raises would have gone to pay for increased health insurance premiums. In the new deal, employees who participate in a wellness initiative will only see an increase of 9 cents per hour on their premiums for the first year and none in the second and third years. Employees will receive a 50-cent per hour raise the first year of the contract, followed by a 40-cent raise the second year and 35 cents the third year. Policies regarding emergency leave also were changed so that employees can no longer be terminated for leaving without prior approval on the first instance.

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