Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Senate Minority Leader Says Tolls Could Be Costly

Senate Minority Leader Mike Hall, R-Putnam County, say $65 million is all that's needed to finish making Route 35 a four lane highway, and there's a better way to fund it than tolls. He says tolls should only be used as a last resort to finish the road. Hall says that in years past the legislature has earmarked money for several economic development projects across the state. He plans to ask his fellow lawmakers to vote to set aside money for the project because he sees it as helping the entire state as it runs to businesses, including those in Cross Lanes and Charleston. Hall says tolls could be costly for the state, if they take away business from those areas. Hall and Senator Karen Facemeyer, R - Jackson, plan to introduce a bill in the legislature saying that, when the road project is paid off, the tolls come off.

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