Monday, December 27, 2010


Regional Heart Institute Director Retiring

Binnie Howard, who has served as director of the Regional Heart Institute at St. Mary’s Medical Center, will retire January 7th after 40-years. Hired in December 1970 by Sister Diane Bushee, Howard started her career caring for heart attack patients in the medical intensive care unit. She later founded a surgical intensive care unit, a cardiac care unit, housing for ill patients and their families and a HEART program that has tested more than 6,000 area schoolchildren in the past 10 years. Her AED grant helped place 103 automated external defibrillators in the Huntington community. Howard served as director of the Heart Institute for four years and was clinical director of the institute for a decade previous to that. In her last weeks, Howard is helping her successor, Regina Campbell, ease into her new role.

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