Monday, December 27, 2010


Gay Coal Miner Sues Massey Energy Subsidiary

Sam Hall, a gay coal miner, has sued Massey Energy Co. subsidiary Spartan Mining Co. and No. 2 Gas Mine foreman Randy Thomas. The suit alleges that co-workers and supervisors in several mines have repeatedly harassed him with verbal abuse and invective and lewd gestures because of his sexual orientation. Last week, Massey Energy vice president and general counsel Shane Harvey called the conduct alleged by Hall "despicable," while saying they are serious allegations, and we take them seriously. Hall first went to work as a "red hat" at the Winifrede Mine in November 2005, and , after horseback riding with the mine's superintendent, Scott Lansenese, who allegedly said Hall had a "Brokeback Mountain" moment, the alleged harassment continued. Hall alleges that, when he complained to management, the harassment escalated, including vandalism of his car.

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