Monday, December 27, 2010


Circuit Court Judge Faces Lawsuit

Last week, Corbin residents Elvert Mays and Glenda Sexton filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in London against 34th Circuit Court Judge Paul Braden. In the complaint, the couple alleges Braden engaged in activities away from the courthouse such as meeting with Sexton, sexual advances and several cell phone calls to her from his cell phone, and abusing his contempt powers, by calling one of Sexton’s friends and telling him that he better control her or she would be “on the inside looking out.” They claim that Braden wanted her to drop charges with the Judicial Conduct Commission, which stemmed from his refusing to recuse himself or allow a change of venue after a complaint was made to the Commission. Mays and Sexton asked in the complaint that the U.S. court issue an injunction to require Braden to recuse himself from the state cases against them and move them from Whitley County. Mays and Sexton are also seeking the costs of the suit and loss of personal and real property.

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