Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmastime Gas Prices At All-Time High

Gasoline prices jumped this week to their highest Christmastime levels in history. According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge, the average pump price in the Huntington area stood at $3.148 on Friday morning. That marked a 4.5-cent jump from Thursday and a 15.5-cent hike from a week ago. Speedway gasoline stations in Huntington reported actual pump prices at $3.20, with similar prices elsewhere.

Nationally, the average pump price stood at $3.025. West Virginia’s average pump price of $3.11 ranked 12th most expensive nationally when compared to other states and the District of Columbia. Ohio ranked 26th at $3.03. Kentucky followed in 27th with a price of $3.01.

Twenty one states reported 40-cent or greater year-on-year increases. AAA said this was the first Christmas Eve with an average at the $3 threshold.

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