Saturday, June 19, 2010


Kenova City Clerk Pleads Guilty To Fraud

Former Kenova City Clerk Stacey Deerfield has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor fraud charge following allegations that she mismanaged the city's money. According to a court document, the plea involves a $668 charge on a city credit card. Mayor Ric Griffith said the credit card in Deerfield's possession was unauthorized by city council. The credit card was used at Walmart for personal hygiene items, a Mia Hamm soccer shirt and a Stevie Wonder Anthology, to name a few. Griffith said the West Virginia State Auditor's office did an audit on the city's transactions for the years that Deerfield was in charge of funds, which was before Griffith took office.
Griffith said of about 80 sample transactions the office researched, only about 15 could be accounted for. The transactions were not manipulated, Griffith said, they were missing. Griffith said while trying to put city records together, $18,000 worth of questionable transactions were found – the city’s insurance company has claimed $13,000 missing.

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