Friday, January 15, 2010


Kentucky Utilities Seek Rate Increase

Kentucky Utilities announced it will seek a $136 million base rate increase, while justifying the proposal by saying it's necessary to cover the costs of additional infrastructure required to meet a growing demand for energy and the cost of repairs necessary after last year's ice storm. KU and its sister company, Louisville Gas and Electric Company, say they invested more than $1.2 billion in additional generation and infrastructure improvements and spent $133.7 million following the ice storm and the windstorm in the fall of 2008. If the Kentucky Public Service Commission approves the measure, residential customers can expect to see a monthly increase of $11.85 per month on average.The utilities will file the requested increases January 29th to be effective March 1st. KU says the KPSC has traditionally suspended the implementation of the rates for five additional months in order to hold public hearings.
A decision should come by August.

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