Thursday, May 15, 2008


Budget Allows For Pike County Election Officers To Receive Pay Hike For Primary Election.

The Pike County Fiscal Court heard comments from Pike County Treasurer Johnda Billiter during their last regular court meeting, and what they heard was good news.

Pike County election officers will receive an increase in pay for their work now, rather than later.

“In a review of the budget we found there was money that we could allow the increase to come during the primary election,” Billiter told fiscal court members.

In mid-February, the Court approved the pay increase, which would see officers paid $150, including training, for the day of the election, with Pike County Judge/Executive Wayne T. Rutherford saying the move to do so was essential.

“This was long overdue,” Rutherford said, “We had been paying below minimum wage, if you consider the number of hours these people work during election.”

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