Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Pike County To Participate In 10th Annual Commonwealth Cleanup Week During Month of March.

Pike County will do its part to help celebrate a decade of Great American Cleanup initiatives as officials prepare for Commonwealth Cleanup Week beginning on March 23 and running until March 29.

Mike Lyons, Pike County Deputy Commissioner of Solid Waste, is hoping the weeklong effort will see many local citizens become interested and take part.

“I want to encourage volunteers and anyone who would be interested to join us,” Lyons said. “The more we have helping, the better the end results.”

The event was implemented by the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet (EPPC), with the Commonwealth Cleanup Week kicking off the national effort, which spans from March until May.

“The purpose of the cleanup is to provide Kentucky communities an opportunity to spring clean, recycle and promote responsibility,” added Lyons.

A number of agencies are involved in the cleanup across both Pike County and the rest of the state including county solid waste coordinators, Keep America Beautiful, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

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