Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Detour for Barrenshee Creek Residents as Road Work Begins Friday.

An existing culvert that runs underneath the pavement on KY 194 near Barrenshee Creek in Pike County is being replaced.

Horne and Trammel, contractors, will begin work about 6:30 am Friday morning. The project is expected to take until August 6th to finish, weather permitting.

" What this means for drivers," explained Paxton Weddington, Resident Engineer for Highway District 12, " is that you can't come from Majestic and go up Barrenshee. People who live at Barrenshee will be able to get in and out, but when they come out they will have to turn left toward McCarr and Freeburn. All Majestic traffic will have to go through Phelps.

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