Friday, July 08, 2011


Beshear Declines To Participate With Williams

{Kentucky}...Governor Steve Beshear has decided not to participate in two events with his gubernatorial challenger Republican Senate President David Williams. Beshear had been invited to attend a panel session Tuesday afternoon at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting in Louisville and a forum Thursday afternoon at the Kentucky County Judge-Executive Association summer conference at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. The Williams campaign says Beshear is scared to debate, but Beshear campaign manager Bill Hyers says the governor will be participating in debates once the campaign gets going in the fall. Bryan Sunderland, spokesman for the chamber, says Beshear was invited several weeks ago to participate in a panel discussion between Beshear and Williams at the chamber's business summit and annual meeting, but Beshear's staff informed the chamber last week that Beshear will not be able to attend because of "a prior commitment."

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