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EKB Capsule News...Kentucky...5-11-'11

• Governor and Lt. Governor (Republican primary only)
• Secretary of State
• Auditor of Public Accounts (Republican Primary only)
• Treasurer (Democratic Primary only)
• Commissioner of Agriculture

Citizens with general questions about the election are encouraged to visit the Office of the Secretary of State and State Board of Elections’ Vote Kentucky! website at www.vote.ky.gov or contact their local county clerk.

  • Summer is just around the corner, which means more, and more children will be playing outdoors!  During the summer season, The Pike County Health Department has an increase in animal bites especially involving children.
A health concern with animal bites is the possibility of the animal being infected with
Rabies.  Rabies is an acute viral disease that attacks the central nervous system of its
victim.  Rabies is most often passed from animal to animal, or animal to human, though
bites.  Animals that carry the rabies virus primarily in the United States includes skunks,
foxes, raccoons, bats, dogs, and cats.  Most people think rabid animals can easily be
spotted because the animal will foam at the mouth.  In fact, most animals will only display these symptoms in the latter stages of infection.  A better way to identify animals
that pose a risk is to recognize unusual, or abnormal behavior.  Rabid animals, wild or
domestic, may stagger, appear restless, be aggressive, change the tone of the barks or
growl or appears to be choking.  Most importantly, all domesticated animals are required
to be vaccinated for rabies.

It is the responsibility of the Pike County Health Department to quarantine any domestic
animal when the bites occur.  The quarantine period involves the animal being tied or
chained up, put in a fenced area, or kept indoors for a period of ten days.  During this
10-day period the animal is observed for sickness, unusual behaviors, or death.  If the
animal appears healthy at the end of the 10-day period; it is released by the Pike County Health Department.  If the animal does show sickness, unusual behaviors, or dies, the
head of the animal is immediately sent to the state laboratory for rabies testing.
There is no quarantine period for any wild animals.  The wild animal is to be euthanasied and sent to the state laboratory for testing immediately.  If any animal must be killed, the head of the animal should not be destroyed because the brain is tested for the rabies virus. If a stray animal bites a person and cannot be quarantined, it is the recommendation of the Pike County Health Department that you speak to your family physician about the prophylactic rabies treatments.  This is a series of vaccines that may be taken if the animal cannot be quarantined or cannot be tested for the rabies virus.
Remember any time a bite occurs always consult your doctor or local hospital.

  • The Pike County Health Department along with the East Kentucky Animal Clinic, Pike County Humane Society, and the Pike County Animal Shelter sponsors an annual rabies vaccination clinic at different sites around the county.  All dogs, cats, and ferrets are to be vaccinated by 4 months of age and are required to obtain additional boosters at intervals according to the veterinarian and the type of vaccine used.  Watch for upcoming clinic dates.  If you have any questions or concerns about rabies, contact the Pike County Health Department at 606 437-5500 Ext. 311 

  • Highway District 12's Joe Stanley announced that repairs to a section of KY 881, Brushy Road, which collapsed last month, will begin today. Right of way issues were resolved  Tuesday, May 10 said Joe Stanley, Engineering Tech at Highway District 12 $B!G (Js Pikeville Section Office. Repairs will begin this morning between 7 and 8am.  The pavement collapse is 2.8 miles off US 119 on Brushy Road. The road has been closed to traffic since Thursday, April 14, due to what started as an embankment failure that happened as a drilling rig was working to repair a pavement break. Repairs could not begin until additional right of way was acquired.

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